Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome Back Hockey!

October 5th: a day long awaited by most of the men in this country. Tonight the 2005-06 NHL season opens after lockout/crybaby-itis robbed us of a hockey season. The salary cap means that the league is much more even - the Flames are being touted as the ones to beat. The Flames are a great team; the playoff run of 2004 certainly proved that. But did anyone pick them to make the final that year? This year, however, it's all about to change. The Flames, Canucks, Oilers, Senators, Canadiens all have a chance for the final (sorry Hutty but the Leafs look like the same old Leafs). Living in Ottawa, I am especially exicted about the Sens. How could I not catch the wave? Heatley will be one of the greatest players of all time when he finally hangs them up and Alfredsson, as captain, is a Swedish Steve Yzerman - it's a bold claim, I know, but it took Stevie Y a long time to get a cup, too. The Sens also have Hasek, who, even at 85% is still better than any goalie in the league. I think I have my new favourite team (sorry Rangers you're out - 8 losing seasons in a row just isn't good for a fan's spirit). I'm even developing a hatred for the Leafs (again, sorry Hutty). This season any game will be a good game. I used to cringe when TSN would show Nashville versus Phoenix or Columbus against Carolina but now those games might actually be entertaining. Huzzah for hockey!

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Dean Ziegler said...

Yeah, I'm such a Canadian kid. I can't wait for hockey to finally come back. I think I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend while I'm house sitting for my parents, and it involves at lot of Harry Neal.