Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday's Hot News

Well! It's so hot here! It's just really uncomfortable trying to get anything done in 27 degree heat. I hope it cools down tomorrow - 20 or 21 would be just right. The other Tuesday news is entertainment: Broken Social Scene's new album comes out today; Bones is new on Global tonight; the baseball playoffs begin today (I'm picking the Cardinals against the Red Sox); and, finally, get set for hockey season to start tomorrow. Whoopee! That's a long wait for hockey fans. Hockey! In this heat!

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Sharond said...

Well that sucks, we got a flippin snow storm on wednesday, and it is still snowing. Perhaps i deserve this for all of my gloating when we had hot weather. beware ottawa!

ps, garry, which email address do you use? i've also lost your phone number (again).