Monday, October 10, 2005

List time

In honour of the return of hockey, here's my picks for the most exciting players to watch:

1. Dany Heatley - Senators
2. Todd Bertuzzi - Canucks
3. Alex Ovetchkin - Capitals
4. Sidney Crosby - Penguins
5. Vincent Lecavalier - Lightning
6. Jerome Iginla - Flames
7. Daniel Alfredsson - Senators
8. Jaromir Jagr - Rangers
9. Roberto Luongo - Panthers
10. Ryan Smyth - Oilers

It should be a great season - they're already comparing this "new style" of hockey to the fast-skating high-scoring games of the 70s and 80s. I predict that someone - perhaps one of the above players - will score 80 goals. It's bold, I know, but it's possible. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Scott McC said...

But who can ignore the game-altering play of Jeff Finley?

amie said...

Jerome Iginla is HOT!

Garry said...

Amie, that wasn't part of the critera. That list is planned for next week.

Dean Ziegler said...

If you think that Dany Heatley is exciting playing hockey, you should see him drive a Ferrari ... what? too soon?

Garry said...

Hey Dean - I'm an Ottawatonian now - Heatley can do no wrong. Besides, I hear he drives a Trek now.