Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beat Jeremy Coon

Scott introduced me to this site (it's linked to his page, too). Beat Jeremy Coon This blog has one of the funniest concepts I've ever heard: "I graduated from Berkner High School in 1997. So did Jeremy Coon. I went on to co-write a musical that all my friends in Austin saw. Jeremy Coon went on to produce Napoleon Dynamite. Our high school reunion is in two years. I know I'm better than Jeremy Coon. But in two years, I have to prove it. I have to beat Jeremy Coon." Check this out! You won't regret it. This guy is goofy but we want to cheer for him. Ironically, the same thing could be said about Napoleon Dynamite.


amie said...

I love Napolean Dynamite. This dude will never beat Jeremy Coon. He singlehandedly brought gimp back into the mainstream! That's what I call solid gold.

Garry said...

Yeah, ND is good, great, even, but Rhys Southam is hilarious. I say it's at least a close call.

Scott McC said...

Rhys Southam will destroy Jeremy Coon and leave his Mormon body crying at the chapel. Napoleon Dynamite already seems stale, and by the time their HS reunion rolls around Rhys will no doubt have conquered the world with his wit.