Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paul McCartney? Is That You?

Here's an interesting article in Slate. Has everyone seen the new Fidelity ads that Paul McCartney has been doing? Personally, I have a mixed opinion. Writer Seth Stevenson goes through the motivations of "selling out" and whether "selling out" is even a valid term anymore ("the sell-outs have won"). He also uses a great term, which I think describes pop culture better than any other: "post-integrity". I've always been a John or George fan, and Paul is, to me, without scruples ever since he dared to change the writing credits to some Beatles songs to "McCartney/Lennon" from the agreed-upon "Lennon/McCartney". Anyhoo, this article sparks some interesting ideas.


amie said...

Mostly I am impressed with the British tabloid headlines--"Rubber Sold," "I am the Ad Man." Pretty clever. I've seen the commercial and it's reasonably watchable for something involving financial planning. Snoop D-O-G-G is rollin around in a golf cart selling Dodges. And really, how many actually big stars aren't doing promotions these days? As long as he doesn't come out with his own clothing line, it's ok with me.

Scott McC said...

From now on, I think we should accuse anyone who gets a job of "selling out".