Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ottawa Mourns

The news that has been dominating the headlines the last 12 days is the disappearance of 18 year old Jennifer Teague. She disappeared after a late night shift at Wendy's on September 8 and since then it has been the main story. Obviously we feared the worst and yesterday her body was found in a nearby wilderness preserve. We all watch CSI and Without a Trace and Law & Order and the like, but this time it was an actual person with an actual family. I can't remember something this tragic happening in a city in which I lived. There's always murders and terrible tragedies, such as the high school kid who was stabbed in the chest a while back, but for some reason the abduction of a young woman seems much worse. Everyone hopes that situations like this can end happily, ie she is found before the worst comes to pass, but it is highly unlikely that the police can do much in this situation. Now the hope is that the guy is caught and brought to justice. I've never been a proponent of the death penalty, but cases like this cause me to rethink that position, if only for a second. If you'd like to read the article about Jennifer, you can find it here.

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Rachel said...

Now that I have children of my own, sometimes the realities of this world are a bit much for a mother to stomach. Sorry to hear the news.