Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend thankfully warmed my toes as Saturday hit 24 and today is expected to hit 25; I am appeased. The weekend was uneventful, save for a Friday afternoon fire alarm. Being on the 19th floor, Bonnie and I don't care for those much; we had to stomp down 18 flights of stairs. Turns out the "fire" was no more than ambitious cooking, as the firefighters came out with a sour look on their faces. Yes, it's their job, but still: they were probably watching Seinfeld or something. Other than that, the most exciting events were on the T.V. The Sopranos captivated us on Friday night (Feech was taken care of); on Saturday we enjoyed the Denis Leary-vehicle Rescue Me, about firefighters with major baggage. These guys are heroes, sure, but they're also a**holes. Anyhoo, I recommend it. Saturday Night Live with Steve Carrell was pretty entertaining, as Mike Myers guested in a spot with Kanye West to joke about West's telethon antics (Myers was onstage with West when the rapper made his infamous "Bush hates black people" statement). Today brings Grey's Anatomy as well as the MLB season finale. The Red Sox, having already lost the divison to the Yanks, must now win today to get into the playoffs. It will be tense for Red Sox fans, since they've lead the division for 4 months or something and now they must fight for a playoff spot. Have a great day!


Boyd said...

So there you are. The Red Sox are in! It is just the beginning of a great ride and of great baseball. YAHOO!

amie said...

It is 5 degrees here right now, and the weather network is calling for a chance of snow this week :(
I can't believe you guys are still getting 25 degree days! I'm going to have to break out my new (skanky) winter jacket just to get to school today. I'm starting to think you might have been on the right track with southern Ontario...
Anyways, my comment is that the Sopranos rocks and you should continue to watch it b/c season 5 is so exciting! Then we can analyze it together in great detail like the true nerds we (I) are!