Friday, October 21, 2005

Survivor Rundown

Because of the concert, I was forced to rely on Survivor's website to fill me in. Well, the site looks nice, but it just couldn't capture the atmosphere of tension and sickness that is brought out so well in the broadcast. I gather that Margaret and Brian were voted off in a surprise double tribal council, and Judd may be more trouble than he is worth, but other than that I know nothing. Can anyone out there fill me in? Amie, I'm looking to you. Could it be that I actually care about these castaways?

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amie said...

I work at the Writing Center on Thursday night, and seem magically unable to program my VCR ever! As a result, I am totally lost and have no idea who the characters are, aside from Steph, Bobby Jon and the football guy. But I caught the tail end tonight, and apparently the merge will bring new and exciting adventures for the castaway. I've switched shifts for next week, so I'll be sure to check it out!