Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hittin' the town

Bonnie, Scott and I hit the town today, heading to the War Museum first, then Celtic Cross pub and ending up and the Lieutenant's Pump. It was all very fun. The rain wasn't very much fun, though. As we got off the bus the rain started to pour and we got really, really wet. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the War Museum very much; it is a great monument to our veterans, as well as a fantastic teaching tool: we shall not forget indeed. Unfortunately, the Celtic Cross and Lieutenant's Pump do not have such status: we will probably forget those. We definitely had "more than a few" pints, hoping to forget the rain that really, really sucked. However, our trip to the "Pub District" was great - we will certainly head there again. Here's me at the War Museum looking very dashing:
Here's Scott, really wet, in the foyer of the War Museum. It is an impressive piece of architecture:
And, finally, here's Bonnie and I gettin' drunk at the Pump:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. You and Bonnie look great!

boyd said...

Umbrellas are not so expensive as you think.Sounds like a good time tho.

Amie said...

That's a very dapper hat Garry. I think you should invest in one in real life. Bonnie, you also look dashing.