Saturday, September 17, 2005

Watercooler sites

I know that every blog is more or less a "watercooler" site (talk like you would around the watercooler), but a comment I left on the previous post (check it out - my sister embarrasses herself real good) got me thinking: are there sites out there actually called "the watercooler"? And do they live up to the expectation that a watercooler brings? I found some, posted them, talked about them around the watercooler:

1. The Watercooler: "ModBlog Description: A virtual version of your office watercooler, where I'll discuss anything that has zero relevancy in the grand scheme of things. The movie from the night before, the weekend of football, the videogame that's currently driving me crazy, the ridiculous news item I just read... etc." This describes It is a comprehensive site, with animated gifs to contests to polls to general opinion - as well as just bs. I think it will make my daily roundup.

2. The Cosmic Watercooler: It's a site dedicated to news and discussion of science and technology. It's pretty cerebral for a site with the word "watercooler" in the title. However, it does break new ground: who says watercooler talk must be about entertainment? This guy proves that watercooler talk can be about anything. Furthermore, just as everyday janes gab about movies and such around the watercooler, maybe people in the entertainment business gab about science. I bet Mary Hart or Pat O'Brien talk about NASA or the federal budget. Scratch that, we know what Pat O'Brien talks about. Anyhoo, if you want to check out the latest science news, check out Cosmic Watercooler:

3. Water Cooler Games: This blog is different once again: "a forum for the uses of videogames in advertising, politics, education, and other everyday activities, outside the sphere of entertainment". Breaking new ground, just like the last one. Maybe there are more "watercooler" sites about things other than entertainment than those about entertainment. This is a remarkable new development. I always assumed that the watercooler was about what was on t.v. last night. However, that is all hearsay, for I have never actually worked at a place with a watercooler. I mean, my parents had one, but all we talked about was my job situation or when I was going to move out. Not very entertaining. Anyhoo, check it out:

Here are three very different sites all claiming to cover watercooler talk. I feel like Kramer: "It's a watercooler discussion about watercooler discussion!" I got a little tired of searching the web for sites with watercooler in the title, but if there are any others that you have heard about, please let me know. Have a great Saturday!

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Thanks for the shout out! Sorry I just noticed it months later.