Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rockstar finale fantastic

The Rockstar: INXS finale was last night, and INXS now has a new lead singer: J.D. Fortune. The tattooed and tempermental singer is no doubt qualified vocally, but I was quite worried about his attitude and ability to get along with the band. However, my fears were not considered, and INXS chose the Nova Scotia native to front them for an album and a world tour. Will it last? Well, at the end of the show J.D. sang a brand new song with the band, "Easy Easy", and it sounded great. Marty and Mig, though excellent, proved that they didn't quite have it in the end, as Marty chose to play it safe with "Wish You Were Here" (again) and Mig inexplicably chose the volatile "Bohemian Rhapsody" to prove that they were capable of fronting INXS. J.D.'s performance of "You Can't Always Get What You Want", however, was just what the doctor ordered and it paid off. It was an exciting episode with little or no Brooke Burke to get in the way. I personally thought that Marty would be the one to lead INXS into the next era, but J.D. pulled it out. What will happen now for the band? I would like to see how the recording process (a new record is slated for release on Nov. 29) and world tour turn out; maybe there'll be a show next summer? Regardless, if INXS comes to a town near me, I will definitely check it out. The concept has appeared to work perfectly for the band, for this album and tour will receive massive media attention. Sellout, you say? Well, the members of the band are well into their forties and were likely to never have a hit album again; why not? And it's great music. That's not being sold out. Anyhoo, I enjoyed it and I enjoy the band. What a great show!


amie said...

I like J.D. better. He is more rockstar-ish and Marty, though talented, kind of came across as a weinie sometimes.

sharon said...

and marty was kinda ugly... i know that is what you were thinking amie!

amie said...

I wouldn't say i wasn't thinking it!