Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Parliament Hill

Since our email is not yet hooked up, I'm sending this from the Ottawa Public Library, just down the street from Parliament Hill. We checked out Bonnie's school today - it was a bit overwhelming, but the campus looks nice and the english department will be a good space to work in. The library is pretty cool, too; not as big as the U of S, I think, but they have these sensors in each aisle so that the lights only come on in that aisle if there is someone in it. The rest of the campus is old-style exterior with modern-looking interior and though there isn't a "bowl" to speak of, it is a nice arrangement of buildings in limited space. Overall, I give it an A: not as nice as U of S (A+), but if you've never seen U of S you might think it is the nicest campus in the country. We're going for supper in the Market area downtown and then back to Alta Vista apartments - it is a solid 40 minute walk to the campus but an easy ride - the pathways are organized so that there is little traffic to trifle with. We'll update you with pictures as soon as we get our interweb hooked up. Bye for now!


Boyd said...

Glad to hear from you! The campus sounds like a good space and the city itself will be terrific. I guess you will need to brush up on your French, n'est-ce pas? Tried to call you but I think I have the wrong number. Congratulations on the move!

Scott McC said...

Sounds cool, dude. Watch out for the Frenchies. Don't let them change you! By the way, I responded to your comment on my blog posting on Oryx and Crake. Check it out.

amie said...

I miss you guys soo much! I hope orientation was really cool and that class won't be too painful! B/c today was orientation for us, I am understandably in rough shape (tomorrow will be hell) but call me when you get your phone hooked up (you have no idea how long it took me to type this message). Miss you soo much!
Lots of love!