Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hot day at the diamond

Yesterday Bonnie and I checked out Dave Hutton and the Saskatoon Jr. Diamondbacks at the Fast Pitch National Championships. They have a great team - almost everyone contributed offensively, and defensively they are near perfect. Hutty made a great catch at the wall: his glove (and knee and elbow) hit the wall as he caught the ball. It was a high fly and took a long time to come down; everyone was waiting to see if it would go over the wall or if Dave would catch it. But Dave's a defensive wizard and made the catch look easy. He also added 2 RBIs at the plate. The Diamondbacks are 4-0 and look great against the best in the country. I think they have a great chance at winning it all.
The other news from the diamond is the winning streak of Catchers in the Rye, the English grad student Campus Rec slo-pitch team. We have won something like 6 in a row (winning by default is still a win). Yesterday's game turned into a scrub game with 7 a side as the other team was short by a few. Needless to say, it wasn't a pitcher's duel. But we all had fun in the sun and can't wait for next week's game.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Draker -- too bad we came up short in the end.