Friday, August 19, 2005

Folkfest in full swing

This weekend is Folkfest weekend. Me, Bonnie, and Bonnie's sister went to the events last night, taking in the Jewish, Ukranian and Hungarian pavilions. Our main destination was the Karpaty Ukranian pavilion, as our mouths watered for pyryhy. If you plan to go, be prepared for a long wait, as the verenyky was scooped up as soon as it arrived; the line for food was substantial. Still, the food was great once we got it and the music is disturbingly catchy. Overall, a winner. The festing continues tonight and tomorrow night. The German pavilion is always a winner, and there are other pavilions that will prove interesting. However, there are two anomalies that are without reason in my mind. First, there is no Scottish pavilion this year. If you remember last year, the place was lined up all three nights! Do the organizers fear popularity? That might explain the second anomaly. In lieu of the Scottish pavilion, there is the Canadian pavilion. What can possibly be at the Canadian pavilion? I live in a Canadian pavilion! I go to FF to experience something different, not more of the same. Disappointed, to be sure. But we will have fun tonight!

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