Sunday, August 28, 2005

Check the SP

Dave Hutton has co-authored, with Jeremy Warren, two fabulous articles in Saturday's StarPhoenix. The first is about Dwayne Harms, a pastor who blogged about his illness until he passed away on August 16th. The final posts are by his wife, who reported his death and the funeral arrangements on the blog. There are only 56 posts, but "well over 500 comments". The second article is about Kate McMillan, a blogger from Delisle whose conservative stance garners "roughly 600 emails a day". In addition to McMillan's blog,, Hutton and Warren examine blogging as a whole, bringing up some key points such as "citizen journalism" and the growing reliance on blogs by the mainstream media (which, I learned, can be shortened to "MSM"; I also learned the word "blogosphere" - an apt if not trendy way of describing the weblog phenomenon). Check out the articles and the websites, and, as always,

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Dave said...

Thanks for the shout out Gar -- glad you liked the stories. How's the iPod handling? I see you dig the Kaiser Chiefs as well. I'm midly enthralled with them at the moment as well.