Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You're a Blogger

Welcome to You're a Blog! A friend said that I should start a blog: he virtually guaranteed that I would get a high-paying job as a result. Anyhoo, this blog is for anything and everything, though I have a feeling that it will mostly be about music. And books. And other things. Like grammar. I am moving to Ottawa in a month or so, so I figured that this blog would be good for two things: to keep me busy when bored and to keep my friends from far away places informed of my doings and whatnots. So be informed! This blog will also include many, many lists covering many, many things. This site is so easy to use, it will be impossible to keep me from posting all but the most inane lists (believe me, there are some inane ones. Like top five most inane baseball stats). So be a blogger and keep me from being bored.

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